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Knoxville Roofing Group

Welcome to Knoxville Roofing Group, where excellence meets reliability in roofing solutions. With a seasoned team of professionals, we specialize in an array of services from meticulous installations to swift repairs.

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Knoxville Roofing Group
Knoxville Roofing Group

Quality Guarantee

At Knoxville Roofing Group, our commitment to exceptional quality is the cornerstone of our service. We firmly stand behind the craftsmanship and reliability of our work. Every project we undertake reflects our dedication to surpassing your expectations.

Our unwavering commitment to quality begins with our selection of premium materials. We meticulously choose materials known for their durability and resilience, ensuring they meet our stringent quality standards. This, combined with our team’s expertise, ensures that your roof receives nothing but the best.

Moreover, our skilled professionals bring years of experience and a keen eye for detail to every project. From repairs to installations, we operate with precision and care, adhering to industry best practices to guarantee the longevity and functionality of your roof. Our commitment to quality doesn’t end when the job is finished. We make no compromises in our meticulous inspections and quality checks. This guarantee makes sure your roof not just satisfies but surpasses industry standards.

Services Offered

At Knoxville Roofing Group, we offer a wide range of roofing services to meet your needs. Whether you need a new roof installed, repairs made to an existing roof, or maintenance services to keep your roof in top condition, we have you covered. Our services include:

Roof Repairs

Roof Repair

Our experienced team promptly attends to leaks, damaged shingles, and any roofing issues, ensuring your home’s protection remains intact for the long term. We prioritize quick, efficient solutions without compromising on quality craftsmanship.

Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

Rely on our meticulous assessments and expert team to seamlessly replace your roof using durable, high-quality materials. Beyond functionality, we enhance your property’s curb appeal and value with our precise installations.

Roof Installation

Roof Installation

Our rigorous installation process guarantees not just functionality but durability. We use top-tier materials and a keen eye for precision, ensuring your roof stands strong against the elements for years to come.

Roof Inspection and Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

With our tailored maintenance plans, your roof stays in prime condition. We proactively address potential issues, extending its lifespan and saving you from costly repairs down the line.



We specialize in efficient gutter installations and repairs. Our focus is on proper water drainage, and safeguarding your property’s foundation and landscape against potential water damage.


Elevate your property’s appearance with our siding services. We blend aesthetics and durability, providing weather-resistant solutions that not only enhance curb appeal but also offer insulation for your home.


Trust our expertise to cater to the unique roofing needs of businesses. We deliver reliable solutions that ensure a secure, professional environment, tailored specifically to commercial properties.

Emergency Roofing Services

Emergency Services

Count on us for swift emergency responses, available 24/7. We understand the urgency of unexpected roofing issues and offer peace of mind by promptly addressing any emergencies that arise.

Customer Testimonials

At Knoxville Roofing Group, we take pride in our customer satisfaction. Discover the firsthand experiences of our customers and their journey with us. We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional roofing services, and our satisfied customers can attest to that. Read through our customer testimonials to see why Knoxville Roofing Group is the top choice for all your roofing needs.

“Knoxville Roofing Group exceeded our expectations. The team was professional, punctual, and the quality of workmanship was outstanding. We highly recommend their services.”

– Rob P. Stevenson

Confronted with a roofing crisis, we reached out to Knoxville Roofing Group, and they promptly arrived at our location within hours. Their quick response and expert repairs saved us from further damage. Thank you!”

– Diana C. Ray

“From the initial consultation to the completion of our roof replacement, Knoxville Roofing Group was a pleasure to work with. They were transparent, and the final result was beyond our imagination.”

– Richard M. Dawkins

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If you need roofing services, we offer free quotes to help you get started. Our team will come to your home or business to assess your roofing needs and provide you with a detailed quote. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your budget and needs. We look forward to working with you to ensure that your roof is in top condition for years to come. Contact us today to schedule your free quote.